How To Buy Correctly In Aliexpress - 7 Tips

How to Buy in Aliexpress Correctly - 7 Tips

Buy in China sites is no longer a novelty for consumers around the world, it is true that shopping at Chinese sites have been better, but the numbers are still huge.

The preferred Chinese website of most people, no doubt, is still the Aliexpress, Ebay China. In it you will find a plethora of items from all niches like tablets, mobile phones, computer products, jewelry, clothing, perfumes, toys finally there you can find almost anything you can buy on the Internet.

English Aliexpress:

But not everything is in the relationship between the Aliexpress and their customers, since the site is the subject of many complaints, mainly due to delays in delivery and dissatisfaction with the product, but is not Ali's fault but many do not understand it.

And as the company is based abroad and is not required to comply with our legislation is difficult to solve the problems, it is true that the platform has a customer protection system that gives the chance to a dispute, but the ideal is to do all the most correct way possible, so try and avoid problems. To prepare this 7 recommendations that you should follow when buying Aliexpress:

Tips for buying correctly in Aliexpress:

1. Search correctly: If you already have a product with specific model or brand in mind is just search by name, but if it has, you can search for a generic term. The search can be done in several different languages, but as the translation of the site is not perfect the trick is to search in English for more accurate results and find exactly what you want.

Search correctly

2. Use the search filters: A tool that helps a lot are the search filters that restrict selected when the results very easy searching, the main filters are: Free Shipping, Order (sellers), Latest, Vendor Assessment, price (lowest price).

Use the search filters

3. Check the qualifications of the seller: In any purchase on Aliexpress is essential to pay attention to the qualifications of the seller, this decreases and the risk of problems with the shopping, the main points are the number of requests and positive feedback, ie the percentage of customers who bought and approved the purchase and the product, in the example below 95.7% of customers were satisfied with this seller to purchase 19,025 positive feedback, and that specific product has sold 1100 units, these certainly are good indicators.

Check the qualifications of the seller

4. If in doubt ask the seller: Do not buy in doubt, it prevents future headaches if you have any questions about buying or about the product ask the seller, they always respond quickly. Just below the product photo is the link "Contact now" just click and send your question in English.

If in doubt ask the seller

5. Attention to the type of shipping: If you want to save your money, use the freight cheaper or free if available (Ex .: China Post Registered Air Mail, HongKong Post Air Mail), but know that they can take up to a month to get your address. Now if you want to receive the goods quickly use the freight courier (FedEx, UPS, TNT) which are available from most vendors.

Attention to the type of shipping

6. Carefully read all the product announcement: It is very important to check all product specifications, also check the table measures if appropriate. Very vendors write special information for each country, so it is important to read everything that is written in the announcement. For example, in many ads they ask for the buyer to choose the correct plug or they send a charger with random plug. Usually they also warn that possible and tariffs by the buyer, if you do not agree do not buy.

Carefully read all the product announcement

7. Instructions for the seller: At the end of an application have the reserved field to leave a message to the seller, for example ask to ship a product without the box to reduce the size of the order, and thus pay less shipping. Anyway you can make any request related to order.

Instructions for the seller

And that, following these tips certainly the chances of you having trouble shopping in Aliexpress are much smaller. Good shopping!

English Aliexpress:

Did you like our tips to buy on Aliexpress?

This was our post with important tips for those who will first buy direct from China using the Aliexpress website. Now that you know more about this information enjoy and buy from China in a totally secure way.

But remember that when shopping at some Chinese and international buying site the care has to be redoubled because in case of problems it becomes more difficult to solve. That way we recommend that you use secure payment methods such as PayPal (check the list of sites that accept PayPal) and never pay by bank transfer.

The site Aliexpress is considered very safe, but problems can happen. So if you have any criticism or complaint about any of these Chinese shopping sites or products from China, share with us by leaving your comment below that we will evaluate and if applicable remove from the list.

And if you know of any other good website in China, also leave in comments as we are always updating the post and including new online stores.

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