5 Chinese Sites For Buying The Wholesale Price

Check out a list of 5 sites with China as good or better prices than those charged in Aliexpress ... But Ali is not the champion of low prices between Chinese sites? It can even be ... but not all the products actually some sites that sell products direct from manufacturers can lower prices of the Aliexpress, but of course the ideal is always searching for in some cases Ali actually has the lowest price.

And it's not hard to imagine why some stores can sell products at lower prices than Ali, after like any online market or marketplace, the Aliexpress receives a fee or percentage for each sale, so stores that do not have to pay for it end up getting prices a slightly smaller.

Another important factor is that some stores do not invest much in advertising and so can work with a lower profit margin. Of course you will not find anything at half the price, because China's sites already work with a very low profit margin, but save a few dollars already makes a big difference, especially with this exchange rate as unfavorable.

Check out the list of the 5 Chinese sites with lower prices:

1. Gear Best
Link: www.gearbest.com

gearbest Chinese Sites for Buying the Wholesale Price

Headquartered in Shenzhen GearBest sells products worldwide, with a simple and objective site can clearly see the description and product information. This is certainly one of the best choices among Chinese websites to buy electronics.

The site has grown considerably in recent years and is already among the largest in its sector. And we can highlight two important factors for this growth: First the wide variety of products in the store you will find everything in terms of electronics. The second important point is the highly competitive prices, and I would even say unbeatable in some cases.

  • China Post, 
  • DHL, 
  • EMS (and the like) 
  • The store offers free shipping for almost all products.

2. Mini in the Box
Link: www.miniinthebox.com

Chinese Sites for Buying the Wholesale Price miniinthebox

This is one of the most popular Chinese shops selling over the Internet, is in the air since 2006. Perhaps many people are hearing this store just now, but she already has a lot of experience when it comes to ship products worldwide.

Today, ship to over 170 countries with free shipping on any product. The store specializes in watches, small electronic devices and accessories for mobile and tablet, with great variety and unbeatable prices. If your intention is to buy wristwatch or mobile hood can not fail to check the MiniInTheBox.

  • China Post, 
  • DHL, 
  • EMS (and the like) 
  • The store offers free shipping for almost all products.

3. BangGood
Link: www.BangGood.com

banggood Chinese Sites for Buying the Wholesale Price

Banggood was founded in 2004, headquartered in Guangzhou, a prosperous city in southern China. It is an excellent choice among the sites of China. There you will find a multitude of products to buy, the Banggood has more than 30,000 types of products in a wide variety of categories.

The site also has different prices for those who want to buy wholesale, and offers a very attractive DropShipping service, in which case they do not include the delivery no logo and any information about the store or product prices are revealed to its customers.

  • Air Parcel Register, 
  • DHL, 
  • EMS, 
  • UPS The store offers free shipping for almost all products.

4. DHgate
Link: www.DHgate.com

dhgate Chinese Sites for Buying the Wholesale Price

DHgate.com is a wholesale site of China, based in Beijing serving Chinese sellers and buyers from around the world. It is very similar to the Aliexpress, but does not invest much in advertising and thus can practice lower prices. As a transaction platform, DHgate is mainly aimed at small and medium buyers from around the world, despite the strong be the wholesaling you can even can buy one piece.

For everyone to understand I can set the DHgate as a mixture of Alibaba and Aliexpress on the same platform, or part of the products are only sold wholesale with a minimum number of units and without free shipping, as well as in Alibaba. But you can also buy a single piece with free shipping to anywhere in the world as well as in Aliexpress.

When buying on DHgate is always careful qualification of the seller, and also the type of offered freight, since most of them do not have the option of economic Shipping as China Post for example, and this prevents the retail purchase due to high cost transport and certain independent assessment of the size or order value. But reading the entire ad and asking the seller if in doubt, buy in DHgate is as simple as buying any other sites in China.

  • China Post, 
  • DHL, 
  • EMS (and the like) 
  • The store offers free shipping for some products.

5. BuyInCoins
Link da loja: www.buyincoins.com

Chinese Sites for Buying the Wholesale Price buyincoins

By accessing the site BuyinCoins.com immediately note that this shop is focused on wholesaling because they do not prioritize aesthetics but product prices. Although not widely known as a shop, China is one of the sites most popular and respected in the world. It is a website that allows purchases directly from manufacturers in China, and what draws the most attention are the prices of the store, even among Chinese stores is hard to compete, and also offer free shipping and allow payment through Paypal.

In BuyinCoins.com, you will find thousands of accessories, parts and small components costing a few cents, but also they sell larger products like Smartphone and electronics, both we attacked as retail.

  • Air Parcel Register, 
  • DHL, 
  • EMS, 
  • UPS 
  • The store offers free shipping for almost all products.

Is it worth buying from China?

Currently more and more people in the world realize the advantages of buying with China's wholesale prices. That way many people enter this market that once seemed obscure and caused a lot of mistrust.

It is no secret to anyone that buying from China has many benefits and can also be a source to make money.

Buying with China's wholesale price or doing business over there has everything to be a great bargain to win and nothing to lose. Whether you are an individual who wants to buy for own consumption or a merchant who wants to sell their products. You can buy whatever you want from China or you can buy even things you do not even know you need or have!

Tips for buying from China without scares

With such a competitive price, China has been a very attractive market for consumers all over the world. However it is important to observe some points so as not to be dazzled by the figures and end up paying more expensive than in Brazil for the products, or worse, end up not getting what was bought. Check out the tips:

Look closely at the prices if they include freights (look for China websites with free shipping) and other possible fees referring to the entrance of the product in Brazil;
If it sounds too good to be true, be cautious;
Pay attention to size, Asian sizes are generally different from other countries and when the product arrives it may be disappointing;
Be patient, some products can take a long time to arrive, 40 days or even months in some cases;
Returns or exchanges can be very difficult and generate unnecessary expenses;
Stay alert and carefully measure all the details of the product description;
Choose trusted sites.


As we saw buying from China with wholesale price may rather be a good deal. There are well trusted sites available that have been in the market for a long time. Paying attention to the time to buy by following our tips above you are sure to find great products with much lower prices than here in Brazil! As in all e-commerce basic care should be taken to ensure a good shopping experience. We hope you enjoyed this post! Leave your doubts, suggestions and experiences in the comments.

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