15 Best Sites Of China To Buy Clothes - 2019

 Buy clothing direct from China can be a great way to buy clothes paying less. But buying clothes online has its pros and cons:

The good thing is that we can choose from thousands of designs and select and the lowest price.

And the disadvantage is the difficulty to adjust the size of the pieces, as the Orientals have lower height, so it's always good to opt for a higher number when you are used to buy here, but to get around this most offering Chinese sites one measurement chart so you can take your measurements give the table and do no wrong.

There are thousands of Chinese online shops that sell various products, and of course, as in all branches not all are reliable, there are cases of people who bought fake merchants and never received the products, and shops that simply disappear and give no more support client. And how foreign companies do not have to turn to.

Check out the list of the best Chinese sites to buy clothes and accessories:

For these reasons, it is always good enough research before buying into any site, and if possible consult with others who bought at the same store...

1. www.Lightinthebox.com  * PayPal
Men's and women's clothing, wedding dresses, coats, overcoats...

2. www.Rosegal.com  * PayPal
Male and female clothing, party dresses and wedding, jewelry, shoes, handbags...

3. www.LovelyWholesale.com  * PayPal  
Menswear and women's clothing and accessories, dresses, blouses, shoes, bags...

4.  www.Aliexpress.com  * PayPal
AliExpress is the "Chinese Ebay", sells everything and has several suppliers.

5. www.Rotita.com  * PayPal
Variety in women's clothing at wholesale prices.

6. www.Milanoo.com  * PayPal
Fashion Men, Women and Children, cosplay costumes, wedding dresses, jewelry...

7. www.Rosewholesale.net  * PayPal 
Men's Fashion, Women, Accessories, Lingerie, Shoes

8. www.Tidebuy.com  * PayPal
Clothes men and women, accessories, jewelry, Beauty, Bags, wedding, kids, bags

9. www.Romwe.com  * PayPal
Clothing, different pieces inspired by collections of major European brands.

10. www.Dresswe.com  * PayPal
Wide range of wedding dresses and party dresses, shoes and accessories

11. www.Shein.com * PayPal 
Competitive Clothes & Wholesale Clothing For Women, Men & Kids

12. www.Newchic.com * PayPal 
Women's Clothing, Top, Bottoms, Men's Clothing, Bags, Shoes, Pajamas, Underwear, Children's Clothing, Cosplay

13. www.Yesstyle.com  * PayPal
Women's Clothing, Men's Clothing, Bags, Shoes, Pajamas, Underwear, Children, Cosplay

14. www.DressLink.com * PayPal
Women's Clothing, tops, plus size, accessories, fashion dresses

15. www.Zaful.com * PayPal
Women's Clothing, Men's Clothing, Bags, Shoes, Pajamas, Underwear, Kids, Cosplay

The Best Chinese Shopping Sites

The Chinese websites that offer online shopping has been becoming in recent years a cheap and popular option for customers around the world. How could it be otherwise, the American public has entered with everything in this globalization of purchases.

Names like Aliexpress are becoming more famous and famous. Many websites also appear with consumer preference and new options emerge every day. And all of this is right, China's online shopping sites have an almost incomprehensible combination of a huge variety of products, worldwide shipping (free of charge sometimes) and very, very attractive prices.

On the other hand, the quality of products and the level of service vary greatly from site to site. Therefore, we offer you indications so that you have a better shopping experience, knowing where you are treading before making the purchase is always very important. There are many other factors that must be observed before making purchases on Chinese websites, check out some tips.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying clothes from China

Everything has its good side and bad side, see below some important points that you should know before buying from China:

The good side of buying clothes direct from China is that usually orders that only have clothes (in small quantity) are much less likely to be taxed. When compared to other products like electronics, for example.
The bad side, on the other hand, is the difficulty in matching the size of the pieces, since the Orientals are smaller. So it is always good to opt for a larger number than you are accustomed to buying here. But to get around this problem most Chinese websites offer a table of measures so you can take your measurements check in the table and do not miss.

Check back often!

And that was our article on China's best websites to buy clothes! As we have seen buying from China has been getting easier and the options increase every day more. However it is necessary to keep an eye out and look for shops with good indications of reliability. Now that you know the options of stores that we list and know they can be considered reliable because they have already been in the market for a long time and have left the majority of satisfied consumers, do your shopping! After all buying clothes direct from China is a good deal! If you want to stay in the news and the best Chinese stores, add the Sites of China to your browser's favorites, and see you soon!

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